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Sardinia, 150 miles (240km) off the west coast of mainland Italy, is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Covering roughly 9,300 square miles, it is almost three times the size of French-owned Corsica, its immediate neighbor to the north, and only marginally smaller than Italy's other island region, Sicily.

The island, known as Sardegna to its Italian-speaking inhabitants, has belonged to various empires and kingdoms over the centuries. This is reflected in its placenames, architecture, languages and dialects, and its unique portfolio of wine grapes.
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Sardinian Wine from the Sardegna Wine Region

Sardinia, known to Italian speakers as Sardegna, is an island region off the west coast of Italy. At approximately 9,300 square miles, it’s the second largest Mediterranean island.

Compared to the motherland, Sardinia wine production is a fairly new undertaking, though winemaking has been flourishing in the region over the last few centuries. Being autonomous from Italy, and ruled by a number of different kingdoms over the centuries, Sardinia produces wines that lean more toward pan-Mediterranean than traditional Italian.

This balance of Italian, French and Spanish influence can be seen of the grapes of the region. Sardegna wine grapes with French or Spanish origin include Grenache/Cannonau, Bobal, Carignano and Cabernet Sauvignon. Italian varietals widely used in Sardinia wine are Vermentino and Malvasia as well as native grapes like Niedderra, Monica, Torbato and Nuragus.

Sardinian White Wine

Vermentino based wines are the frontrunners in Sardinian white wine offerings. Both exclusively Vermentino wines, as well as blends, provide a true taste of Italy. These dry and light, aromatic wines typically pair well with fish and white meats.

Sardinian Red Wine

There are a variety of quality Sardinian red wines being offered by today’s Italian winemakers. Red wine variety like Cannanu and Carignano grape give wine lovers a true taste of this unique region.

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