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Neostos stands for "new return" in Greek and also recalls the very ancient origins of the places that the Hellenic peoples worshiped. They called the lands of Calabria Enotria because here the wine came just fine and the long view on the Mediterranean facilitated travel and commerce. The three spirits drunk are Pierpaolo Greco, engineer, Damiano Mele , architect, and Michele Scrivano , educator. Often their roots are searched for and reinforced in the vine, the link with the earth considered among the noblest by man, since the dawn of time. For them, it is firm the awareness of the value of the many historical vines that Calabria preserves, too often fallen into oblivion.
The small wine-making company is located in the Sila , precisely in the municipality of Celico , where emigration - since the early twentieth century - has continued, marking a remarkable depopulation of this inner and mountainous area of Calabria. The disappearance of viticulture in this area is due to the abandonment of the lands, but the three intoxicated spirits just did not resign themselves to this sad absence.
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2017 Cotidie Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri 2017 Cotidie Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri

Typical south of Italy red wine from Calabria on one hand, but with good acidity and without too much wood.
made with Merlot 20%, Greco Nero 20%, and Guarnaccia Nera 30% Magliocco 30%.

Our Price: $27.99

2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri 2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri

2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri, Blend of Calabria is Fullbody, intense aroma, Outstanding red wine.

Our Price: $39.99

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