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Luciano Zoppo Ronzero's Azienda Agricola Pianta Grossa in Donnas, Valle d'Aosta.
For 396 years a horse chestnut had grown up in a courtyard, becoming more and more imposing, so much so that it commonly called the farmstead all around. In 2009, due to an illness, that giant of 25 meters was shot down. In order for the strength of the tree to continue to permeate that place, in 2014 Luciano decided to call his newly born winery, which is based on the old farmhouse, also called Pianta Grossa.
Behind the mountain moraine with the family vineyards, grown on steep pergola terraces where Nebbiolo Picotendro grows.
In Pianta Grossa wines reflect the stature and strength of that old horse chestnut.
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2017 Nebbiolo 396 DOC Valle D'Aosta Az.Agr.Piantagrossa 2017 Nebbiolo 396 DOC Valle D'Aosta Az.Agr.Piantagrossa

Variety: Nebbiolo of Valle D'Aosta
Producer: Az.Arg Piantagrossa
Type: redwine
Region: Valle D'Aosta
This lovely Nebbiolo expresses great aroma, round balanced, elegance and finally pleasant tannic.

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