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Calabria is a wine-producing region located at the southern tip of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula, effectively forming the proverbial toe.
The cradle of Magna Graecia and the land of ancient settlements. Calabria and its wines have been subject to many influences over the centuries. Most notably the ancient Greeks cultivated the first wine-bearing vines here.
Bounded by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, the quaint mountainous area is bordered by Basilica to the north and separated from Sicily by the narrow Strait of Messina. With three distinct mountain ranges, less than 10% of Calabria is flat and the soil is a mix of clay, sand, and marl. The breeze of the Mediterranean Sea moderates intense heat during the day, while altitudes cool down temperatures at night.
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2017 Cotidie Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri 2017 Cotidie Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri

Spiriti Ebbri uses their own grapes as well as grapes from other farmers in the Cosenza region – mostly organic and always from old vines. Vinification is held as close to nature as possible, no added yeast or substitutes, no filtration. Full-bodied and soft red wine. Typical south-Italian on one hand, but with good acidity and without too much wood.
made with
Merlot 20%, Greco Nero 20%, and Guarnaccia Nera 30% Magliocco 30%. These are grapes that grow in vineyards that are rooted in a mainly sandy subsoil. Cotidie ages 8 months in barriques and 2 months in steel.
PAIRING: Red meat, game, and cheese. Alcohal : 14%

Our Price: $24.99
2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri 2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri

2017 Neostos Rosso Agricola Spiriti Ebbri, from Calabria is Fullbody, intense aroma, Outstanding red wine.

Our Price: $29.99
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