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Vermouth Pilloni Silvio Carta Vermouth Pilloni Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta's distillery is based in a small village close to Oristano, in the east of Sardinia, an area made extremely fertile by the river Tirso. With this magical Vermouth, Silvio Carta takes us on a journey to the Mediterranean forest of Sardinia, rich with aromatic herbs!
This fabulous Vermouth has an ebony color with golden hue, aromas of honey, chocolate, ripe pear, sweet apple, and hints of rosemary and pine needles.
On the palate, it is velvety, round, intense, with a perfect balance, a fruity herbaceous flavor, and a mineral long finish. If you never had Sardinian Vermouth, you owe it to yourself to try this one: drink it as an aperitif (over ice with orange peel, the way we like it!) or mix it with a refreshing spritz!

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