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Familia Romanelli
The farm and vineyard were founded in 1978 when Amedeo and Costantino Romanelli, father and son, made the decision to devote themselves full-time to agriculture in the area of San Clemente, Montefalco. A true farm, where wine and olive oil is produced alongside grain used for animal food. The women of the house, Anna Maria and Anna Rita, the respective wives, play a crucial role in the success of the farm and family. They contribute in working the fields and raising the livestock as well as growing and preparing all that is necessary for feeding their husbands and sons, Devis and Fabio, so that they can grow up in close contact with nature. Today, the three generations live and work passionately on the farm, which over the years has produced excellent oils and wines, inextricably linked with the territory, which have acquired an increasingly important role to become the focal points.

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2007 Romanelli Sagrantino di Montefalco 2007 Romanelli Sagrantino di Montefalco
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