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Castello di Cigognola, is one of the most historic properties in the Lombardy region. The castle at the estate’s center was built in the 11th century on top of a rock as an outlook for strategic purposes. Its main function was that of a fort to watch the Emilia Road and control traffic through this extreme border area. The castle kept its defense function for over seven centuries, and became the residence of the most important feudal families. At the end of feudalism, the castle was used for residential purposes.
The Castle owned by the Brichetto family has recently been bought by Gian Marco Moratti, husband of the Brichetto family’s daughter Letizia. While going through the castle’s archives, Gian Marco, an avid wine enthusiast, came upon some ancient documents indicating that wine has been made there since the 14th century. Enthused by this discovery, Gian Marco decided to restart the production of Barbera under the guidance of famed consulting winemaker Riccardo Cotarella. Castello di Cigognola is now making world class wines already prized from the most important Italian magazines and expert wine organizations. For more information about Castello di Cigognola,