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2015 Brunello Di Montalcino, without a doubt a stunningly good vintage. This vintage’s character is more fruit-forward than 2010, Brunello 2015 wines are concentrated, saturated flavors that are coupled with an incredibly polished, supple with a great body that has a very long finish.


"Simply put, 2015 is a great Brunello vintage, easily one of the top eight or ten Brunello vintages of all time. That statement is especially true if one believes the single most important parameter by which to judge a vintage is overall quality across the production zone. In that light, I simply do not recall ever tasting as many outstanding young Brunellos as I did this year. The real advantage of the 2015 Brunellos is their rather magical balance: there are very few thin, tart, angular, alcohol-heavy, fruit-challenged or unpleasantly tannic wines among them. Most of the 2015 Brunellos are characterized as, voluptuous mouth feels, bordering on the opulent, but with very good, juicy acidities that nicely lift and carry the velvety ripe flavors. There is enough of the precise, typical and lifted Sangiovese aromas usually associated with cooler years."

“The Vintage From God?”

By now, everyone has heard about the five-star 2015 Brunello vintage, and many of us have already taken the plunge, propelled by the excitement of wineries, the Brunello Consortium, and the press. What’s not to like?

It’s a vintage of power and purity, the result of a long growing season with no extreme events. One which was warmer than 2014 and with much less rain, yet water reserves were high due to rains throughout the winter months. Those reserves aided the vines through the dry, warm, and sunny summer months, which were complemented by cool nighttime temperatures and just the right amount of precipitation at the right time. What’s more, it was cool and dry prior to harvest, which in turn presented a healthy crop of perfectly ripe grapes.

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