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2017 Orlando Abrigo Moscato D'asti 2017 Orlando Abrigo Moscato D'asti
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Savings: $4.00
2014 Murgo Etna Bianco 2014 Murgo Etna Bianco
Our Price: $14.99
Fornas Pinot Grigio 2017 2017 Fornas Pinot Grigio
Our Price: $14.99


Italian White Wines

Dark red wine is often associated with Italy, but people may be surprised to learn that there is a strong lineup of fine white wines as well. Italian white wines are a complete contrast to their darker counterparts: crisp, light and soft. These light-weight wines are heavy on flavor and extremely versatile.

Best White Wines From Italy

Some of the best Italian white wines are surprisingly dry and soft like those from the Trebbiano varietal. Pinot Grigio is certainly the most well-known of the Italian white wines, and it too is characterized by a slightly dry, medium-bodied structure.

Though the dry white wines are more prevalent, sweet white wines also have their place in Italy. Asti wines made from Moscato grapes are young and fruit forward with a low alcohol content that makes for easy drinking with or without dessert.

Best Rose Wines From Italy

Rose wines, known as rosato in Italy, are often a blend of both red grapes and white grapes. Many of the popular Italian white wines serve as the basis for the rose wines that have been enjoyed for centuries. However, some of the best rose wines such as fruit forward, fresh Lagrein and Negroamaro are varietals produced from a single grape.

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