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Welcome to Enoteca Vino Nostro. We are a locally-owned boutique wine shop in San Francisco. Our mission is to provide the ultimate store and online destination for artisanal, obscure, and most importantly, affordable Italian wines. We bring you an expertly curated collection of incredible premium quality wines from the diverse territories of Italy. Many of our wines are “diamonds in the rough” made from lesser-known grapes. These wines are virtually impossible to find in traditional retail outlets. Our store has been designed to provide an inviting, comfortable, and relaxing shopping experience in an elegant space.


Enoteca Vino Nostro was started in 2010 by master of Italian wine A. Tamanti, who has been importing Italian wines for the past 25 years under his import, wholesale, and distributing company. Through this company, he has been servicing the most popular Italian restaurants in California and beyond. Prior to November of 2010, you could only enjoy these wines at those very restaurants, which is precisely why he decided to open an outlet to present these fabulous wines to the public. What triggers the appreciation and curiosity of our wine buyers , is the deep belief and the passion for wine that come from people "who care," basically small producers that love their native lands, and commit to high quality and are devoted to the ancient art of winemaking. Mr. Tamanti has been regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people in the Italian wine business, with an exquisite palate. He has often been referred to as an encyclopedia of Italian wine!


We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and we invite you to visit our store in person. We are happy to be your personal wine consultant! We offer a personalized touch and are able to introduce you to a wide variety of styles and types of wine from all regions of Italy. Our Staff members have extensive knowledge of Italian wines, and will confidently recommend the perfect wine for you, taking into consideration your personal tastes, the season, food, and event, as well as your budget. Ultimately, we hope you enjoy your wine as much as we enjoyed selecting it for you. We offer several cutting edge monthly wine clubs, which make the perfect gift for Italian wine enthusiasts and novices alike. Please contact us via phone or email for wine recommendations, food and wine pairing suggestions for your upcoming dinner party, or to get answers to any general wine questions you might have.