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Vuillermin is a dark-skinned grape variety from the Val d Aosta, in the most northwestern reaches of Italy. Not just rare, the variety is nearing extinction, and is found only in a few vineyards around Chambave and Chatillon. It was thought to be extinct (a familiar story for many indigenous Italian varieties such as Uva del Fantini) until a researcher from the Institut Agricole Regionale in the Aosta Valley rediscovered an old mother vine not far from the institute in the 1980s.

Vuillermin produces highly tannic red wines that are full bodied, structured, dry and intensely perfumed. Flavors of ripe red fruits along with some toasty notes acquired from oak aging are present in Vuillermin wines.
The variety is similar to Fumin and has recently been confirmed as its offspring, although Vuillermin's other parent remains unknown.

Only a handful of producers grow the variety today.
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