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Trebbiano (or Ugni Blanc in France) is a white-wine grape originally from Italy, where it generates large quantities of simple but refreshing white wine. The variety has spread northwards from the Italian peninsula into various parts of Europe, most notably France, where it has become the quintessential ingredient in both Cognac and Armagnac. There are in fact a number of varieties that bear the name Trebbiano; some are genetically related, some not.

This page is about the most common form, Trebbiano Toscano. Despite being the most widely used white-wine variety in the worlds top two wine countries (Italy and France), Trebbiano is far from famous. The reason is that the variety lacks prestige, so its name almost never appears on labels. Most wine made from Trebbiano/Ugni Blanc grapes disappears into blends, or is distilled into brandy.
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