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  • Terre del Principe is a small and very important winery in Campania. Without the passion and enthusiasm of a lawyer and a journalist Peppe Mancini and Manuela Piancastelli, who left their jobs and studied to make wine, the grapes of Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero, and Casavecchia would eventually become existent again.
    One of only a handful of producers who cultivate these varietals, Terre del Principe is the only estate exclusively dedicated to the production of Pallegrello and Casaveccia varietals.

    Today, Terre del Principe has 27 acres spread over five vineyards. Letting the land speak for itself, Terre del Principe uses no chemical fertilizers and keeps intervention in the field to a minimum, taking steps only to encourage low yields. All harvesting is done by hand and it is not uncommon for three or four waves of harvesting over the course of two weeks to take place in each vineyard, waiting for the ideal ripening of each bunch. Those wines that are aged in barrique are housed in a very old cellar 50 feet underground, guaranteeing consistent temperatures and ideal humidity. The six wines offered by Terre del Principe come to an annual production of 55,000 bottles.

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