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The Terracruda winery has a recent origin, but is inspired by an age-old passion. The project was first conceived by three partners, who had a good nose for business and felt motivated by the potentials of an area where wine production was mainly controlled by family run wineries. Without forgetting tradition but with a forward-looking approach, they started up in 2000 with the purchase of more than 20 hectares of vineyards, of which 10 were already planted with indigenous varieties, while the remaining 10 were replanted with local varieties, the Aleatico in particular, used for the production of the Pergola CDO wine. Winemaking however only started 2005 when Terracruda came into operation under supervision of the oenologist Giancarlo Soverchia, in a new high-tech facility that was intended to combine tradition with innovation.

For more information about Terracruda, visit their winery here.
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