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“Burgundy is in Corvino, too” wrote the Provincia Pavese at the end of the eighties and it is not a coincidence that the Burgundian influence has made it's way into the soul of Tenuta Mazzolino. Kyriakos Kynigopoulos, internationally renowned winemaker and great expert on Pinot Noir, was called directly from Burgundy to Corvino San Quirico to match his talent with a land clearly full of potential. It was here where Dr. Enrico Braggiotti searched for a place to bring his family together, in order to enjoy the company of his four children and twelve grandchildren. He is convinced that the passion for good drinking unites people and gives them something in common that can be handed down to his family.

He wanted a countryside where he could plunge the Italian roots of his part-Turkish and part-French ancestry; a land where he could sow the seed and cultivate a passion that would mature through the years: wine. He found the ideal place to achieve these aims on the Corvino hill, on the road beaten by the Romans with a vast horizon from the Alps to the Apennines and an extraordinary view of the Province of Pavia.
With these grounds and the respect for character that Marquis Alfonso Corti had given to the place, daughter Sandra set about redeveloping the winery. During the years the Estate has been almost completely replanted to reach the current 22 hectares of vineyards. At the same time, the new thousand-square-meter cellar designed by the architect Lorenzo Berni has been built alongside the original vinification center, skillfully combining the two parts.

Corvino San Quirico became a fantastic little world: excellent wine, orchards, chickens, horses, rose gardens and a generous countryside full of life and beauty. The top-quality products that grow here are just a natural consequence of a place whose potential is recognized and appreciated by its new owners.

Under the direction of the great enologist, together with Jean- François Coquard, a graduate from Burgundy university, a great Pinot Noir called simply Noir and a Chardonnay, "Blanc" of the highest level were created.

Almost thirty years have passed since that historic meeting and under Jean-François Coquard’s guidance, the Noir has earned a place in the most refined cellars and wine shops in the world, awards at international competitions, excellent judgments and mentions in the most authoritative guides, then it obtained the prestigious “tre bicchieri” award of the “Vini d’Italia 2010” guide, then again in 2011 and 2012.

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