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The Piovene Porto Godi family produces wine and oil in Toara, one of the most suitable areas of the Berici Hills. As always, the choice falls on the local grapes, like the Tai Rosso; while in bottling, the respect for time is the secret to obtaining high quality wines. This family-run agricultural business also offers hospitality. Those looking for the experience of living in a country home surrounded by the Vicenza hills can stay in the old mill or the dovecote of the house.

The turning point in time for the Piovene Porto Godi wines came at the beginning of the 1990's. The vineyard was renewed, the vines were replanted according to modern quantity systems. Rows were planted closer together with a lower yield per plant; with a system of densely grafted, short pruned plants with all the treatments were performed with the maximum respect for the environment. In the meantime, in the cantina, the grapes were bottled and left to mature for many months.
They also carried through with an intuition about creating the first long-term aged product with the Tai Rosso grapes, the Thovara. The Tai Rosso, the indigenous variety of the Berici Hills, was popularly considered, up until that time, as a very drinkable, light wine. Their winemaker chose to recuperate the vocation of this variety by aging the wine for many months in order to obtain significant and long-lived wines.

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