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Pignolo is a dark-skinned grape native to Friuli, in the northeast of Italy where it has long had a reputation for producing deep-colored and high-quality wines that were popular with the regions population as far back as the 1300s.
In Italian the grape's name originates from pigna (pine cone), because the grapes are dense like pinecones.
The Varietal is a fickle grape to grow as it has a penchant for uneven yields if not tended to carefully, so much so that Friuli’s own Department of Agriculture advised against growing it, recommending growers use the much more prolific Schiopetino Grape in its stead leading to Pignolo almost disappearing from the regions vineyards, until the late 1970s when a Native Varietal rescue project discovered a few rows of 100 year old Pignolo still growing healthy in the ancient Abbey of Rosazzo.
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Pignolo besides being demanding in the vineyards is also very demanding in the cellar due to its innate strong tannin content, because of this most monovarietal Pignolo Wines are usually aged in oak for 24 to 36 months, followed by 12 months of raking in stainless steel barrels and finally a further 12 months of bottle fining prior to release.
Pignolo Grapes

In the glass Pignolo wines appear an intense ruby red color with garnet reflections.
The nose is typically powerful with a variety of aromas such as dark cherry, tobacco, cocoa, coffee, licorice and underbrush to name a few.
The palate is mouth filling with strong earthy flavors of; sour cherry, tobacco, wild clove, and hints of balsamic, with strong tannins and bright acidity.