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Petite Arvine is a white grape variety grown mainly in Valais, Switzerland and Italys Valle d Aosta, the grape variety is so named for its small berries. A native of the town of Chamoson in the Swiss Valais, it was introduced to Valle d’Aosta in the 1970s by the Institut Agricole of Valle d’Aosta. The Petite prefix was initially given to distinguish from the lesser-quality Grosse Arvine grape variety, which is no longer used to make wine on a commercial scale. Petite Arvine is early budding and late ripening, and is somewhat fussy in the vineyard.It needs sunny sites that are protected from the wind so its grapes can reach full ripeness, which can be up to a month after Chasselas.

Most Vineyards in the region are built on the banks of Dora Baltea River, on terraces built into the slopes out of stone, the vines are trained on pergolas about 3 feet off the ground. The stones retain heat from the sun and radiate this back into the vineyard in the evening to help with ripening.

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Petite Arvine is a rather productive grape varietal which produces high quality wines that are defined by their bracing acidity and grapefruit aromas, and often show a touch of salty minerality on the palate.
Petite Arvine Grapes

The wines are very aromatic with notes of lemon, lime, ripe pear some tropical fruit and white flowers with a beautiful golden hue and great texture on the palate with bright acid and ripe fruit. Petite Arvine can typically be enjoyed with cheese fondue and other typical Valle d'Aosta foods. Seafoods such as lobster, oyster and sushi make for a good pairing as well.

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