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Pallagrello bianco is a white Italian wine grape variety that is grown in Campania. The grape has a long history in the region and was one the varieties planted in 1775 by architect and engineer Luigi Vanvitelli in the fan-shaped Vigna del Ventaglio vineyard created for the royal palace of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies (Ferdinand IV of Naples) in Caserta. Following the phylloxera epidemic of the mid-19th century and the economic devastation of the World Wars of the early 20th century, plantings of Pallagrello bianco declined greatly and the variety was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered growing in an abandoned Campanian vineyard in the 1990s by Italian vine grower and former lawyer Peppe Mancini, who has since replanted it and the Pallagrello Nero variant. Despite having similar names and both varieties originated in Campania, Pallagrello bianco is not a color mutation of the red Campanian wine grape Pallagrello nero though DNA profiling has not determined yet if the two varieties are closely related. DNA analysis has ruled out a relationship with another white Campanian wine grape, Coda di Volpe, which is known under the synonym Pallagrello and has similar looking "fox tail-shaped" grape clusters.

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Today Pallagrello Bianco is grown almost exclusively in the Campania region, particularly in the province of Caserta. While plantings of the grape have only recent been revived, some hectares of Pallagrello bianco can be found in a few communes along the Volturno river, Caiazzo, Castel Campagnano and Castel di Sasso.
Pallagrello Bianco Grapes

Pallagrello Bianco tends to make wines with a similar profile to the Rhône wine grape Viognier with aroma notes of peaches and apricot along with moderate acidity and high potential alcohol levels. While often blended the grape can be made in a varietal style that is produced both in unoaked or stainless steel tanks of barrel fermented like Chardonnay.