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Ottavianello (Cinsaut) is a black skinned grape that originated in the south of France and was brought to Puglia by the Marchese di Bugnano in the late 1800’s. The Varietal’s name is thought to originate from the Neapolitan Commune of Ottaviano from which the grape is believed to have been introduced to the Province of Brindisi in Puglia. Ottavianello is a fairly productive grape varietal whose resistance to heat and drought make it an ideal candidate for the arid growing seasons of the Italian Region of Puglia. It has a history of being blended with other native varietals such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera and more rarely Primitivo to add fruit, wild flower aromas and spice. In the Province of Brindisi it is however the main component of the Ostumi DOC which requires 85% Ottavianello and the other component to be either Negroamaro or Malvasia Nera.

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Ottavianello is widely planted throughout the region of Puglia and has only recently begun to be made into a monovarietal wine with very good results.
Ottavianello Grapes

Monovarietal Ottavianello wines appear a brilliant ruby red color in the glass. They tend to have rich and complex noses with aromas of red cherries, cocoa, violets, roses and hints of peppermint, black pepper and spice. On the palate the wines are always well balanced with a wide range of flavors such as fresh black cherries, raspberries, hazelnuts, blood orange, currants and cooking spices along with soft supple tannins and brisk acidity.