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Nebbiolo (Italian), or Nebieul (Piemontese) is a red wine grape variety predominantly associated with its native Piedmont region, where it makes the DOCG wines of Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Gattinara and Ghemme. Nebbiolo is thought to derive its name from the Italian word nebbia, which means fog. During harvest, which generally takes place late in October, a deep, intense fog sets into the Langhe region where many Nebbiolo vineyards are located. Alternative explanations refer to the fog-like milky veil that forms over the berries as they reach maturity.

Outside of Piedmont, it is found in the neighboring regions of Val d'Aosta as well as Valtellina in Lombardia, it is known locally as Chiavennasca, where Nebbiolo is also used to make a deeply concentrated Amarone-type wine known as Sforzato .
Nebbiolo produces lightly colored red wines, which can be highly tannic in youth with scents of tar and roses. As they age, the wines take on a characteristic brick-orange hue at the rim of the glass and mature to reveal other aromas and flavors such as violets, tar, wild herbs, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco, and prunes. Nebbiolo wines can require years of aging to balance the tannins with other characteristics

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