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Lagrein is a red grape varietal native to the South Tyrol Valley in north-eastern Italy. The name was used in the 17th century, in records of the Muri Benedictine Monastery near Bolzano. But other sources claim the grape can be dated as far back as 1379 AD. It was thought the grape came over from Greece and the source of the name ‘Lagrein’ was either from the Greek word lagarinthos (hanging), or the Greek Colony of Lagaria in southern Italy.
Today it is thought the name comes from the Lagarina Valley in Trentino, just south of Alto Adige. Whatever the source of the varietals name, its origin is no longer in doubt, with recent DNA testing in 2004 having shown that its parent grapes are; Teroldego crossed with Schiava Gentile - and it is related to Syrah, Pinot Noir and Dureza.
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The Alto Adige wine region is renowned for producing excellent expressions of Lagrein, which pair extremely well with rich winter dishes. Alto Adige is very close to the Austrian border and having shared a history - hence both languages can appear on a wine label.
Lagrein Grapes

Lagrein is one of Alto Adige’s leading red wine varietals, and if managed well in the vineyard can produce wines with character and has recently experienced a genuine renaissance. Lagrein is impressive with its aromas of berries, fresh cherries, and violets. On the palate, it demonstrates a rich texture, confident tannins and balanced acidity, along with flavors of chocolate, herb, and plum followed by spice notes on the finish