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Grecanico Dorato is an ancient vine variety, whose origin and geographical spread were surrounded by mystery. Until a few years ago, its origin was thought to be Greek. Greeks had brought to Sicily many vine varieties since the VII century BC: that seemed also the case of Grecanico Dorato. Besides the obvious reference to Greece in the name of this variety (“Greco” means Greek in Italian), its Greek origin was justified also because it was common in Sicilian areas with many traces of Greek agricultural settlements.
However thanks to DNA typing studies in 2003 and 2008
ampelographers have confirmed that the Grecanico Dorato (Grecanico) grape of Sicily is identical to Garganega. Already before these studies, ampelographers believed the grapes to be related due to the similarities of clusters, berries and leaf characteristics. Veneto and Sicily, separated by Italy's full 600-mile length, are collectively home to more than 11,000 ha (27,000 acres) of Garganega vines, making the variety one of Italy's most widely planted, in every sense.

The wines produced with the Grecanico Dorato grapes tend to be a strong straw-yellow color with clear golden traces.
Grecanico Dorato (Garganega)

Have a rich nose with floral traces of white fruits, apple, pear, pineapple, and tropical fruits along with a rich creamy palate where flavors of white peach, apricot, golden apple and almonds are balanced by flinty minerality and brisk acidity. It is thanks to their brisk acidity that these white wines can also be cellared for up to ten years.