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Grandfather Ferruccio who founded Gigante was a miller, but his real passion was farming, especially winegrowing. In 1957 he bought the house and the vineyard in the Rocca Bernarda hills, initially focusing on the production of the Friuli white then called Tocai, a wine that goes perfectly with whatever you're eating. Today, the winery is headed by Ferruccio's grandson Adriano and his wife Giuliana, along with his cousin Ariedo, who joined the company as wine technician.

Constant attention is devoted to the vineyards, where innovative techniques are introduced once they have shown to be entirely effective, and regular monitoring aimed at protecting the environment. Over the past several years, the winery has been taking part in an integrated pest management project set up by the Colli Orientali del Friuli organization. Assisted by the use of sprayer recovery in the vineyards, the aim is to introduce measures that reduce the environmental impact of pesticides and enhance the quality of the grapes.

Harvesting takes place once the grapes have reached exactly the right degree of ripeness, based on analyses of grape pulp, skin and seed. Entirely picked by hand, the grapes reach the cellars in optimal condition, such that the following stages of crushing, fermentation and ageing preserve and promote the particular characteristics of our wines. For more information on Gigante you can visit their website here http://wine.adrianogigante.it/en/

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