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Fiano is a white Italian wine grape variety that is grown primarily in the Campania region of southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. In Campania, this fairly strong flavored white wine grape is particularly noted around Avellino where the (DOCG) wine of Fiano di Avellino is produced. The grape has a long history in the Campanian region and is believed to have been the grape behind the ancient Roman wine Apianum. Even today, the name Apianum is permitted to appear on wine labels of the DOCG wine Fiano di Avellino.
The wines are pale in color, and typically strong-flavored with an intense aroma; it is described as being "weighty" on the palate, with a honeyed, floral nose and distinct taste qualities of spice, honey, and frequently a hazelnut overtone.

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Fiano was traditionally subject to being unduly heavy and especially to being prone to premature oxidation, however winemaking techniques of modern times are said to have largely or wholly overcome those problems. The grape is inherently low-yielding, and that combined with the older difficulties of vinification saw its plantings decrease markedly in the last couple of centuries; but it is now again on the upswing, as a result of the better winemaking and consequent worldwide interest in Fiano.
Fiano Grapes

By repute, the best specimens come from the province of Avellino, and are known as "Fiano di Avelino". True Fiano di Avellino must be at least 85% Fiano (with Greco, Coda di Volpe, and Trebbiano also permitted up to a combined total maximum of 15%), and is often 100% monovarietal.