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Erbaluce is a crisp Italian grape variety that has been documented in Piemonte since 1606. It is used in the production of dry and sparkling wines, most famously as passito from Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG. Locally it enjoys a good reputation for fresh white wines, but its not widely planted outside northern Piemonte.

The origins of Erbaluce are disputed; Arneis and Greco have both been mooted as related varieties, but the genetic link has not been conclusively proven. Even the name of Erbaluce is the subject of some debate. Some say it is named after the copper color of its bunches in the alpine sun.

Others say it is named after the goddess, Albaluce, who was born on a hilltop in Caluso and whose tears prompted Erbaluce vines to spring forth from the ground.
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Erbaluce or Erbaluce bianca is grown primarily around Caluso, in Canavese in the Piedmont region. Wines produced from the Erbaluce grape tend to have very aromatic noses of wild flowers, honey suckle and jasmine with hints of fresh mountain sage.
Erbaluce Grapes

The palate is usually balanced with flavors of honeydew melon, peaches followed by a citrusy finish balanced by flinty minerality and brisk acidity