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Sangiovese di Romagna DOC

The large production of this region is divided between Emilia, the western part, where sparkling wines are preferred, and the Romagna, the part to the east, where the preference is to still wines.
Among the white grapes of Emilia: Ortrugo, Pignoletto and Malvasia di Candia. Red grapes, with the exception of Barbera and Croatina used for wine production Gutturnio, belong primarily to the large family of Lambrusco, which produces the famous wine of the same name, which is mainly produced in version sparkling.
In Romagna, where still wines are preferred, we find, among the white grapes, the Albana, the most famous grape of the area, Trebbiano Romagnolo and Bombino Bianco, which here is called Pagadebit. Sangiovese is the main red grape of the region which joins Cagnina, name by which it is known in the Romagna Terrano grapes.
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