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Dolomia Acqua Minerale Naturale (Still)
Dolomia Acqua Minerale Naturale

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Dolomia Acqua Minerale Naturale (Still) Pureness from the Dolomites

Dolomia natural mineral water is classified an an oligomineral water, which mean that it has a low mineral content. Its dry residue, 108 mg/l, makes it one of the lightest and most well-balanced oligomineral waters available today. It distinguishes itself for its extremely low sodium content (0.16 mg/l), one of the lowest of all mineral waters, and also for its optimum concentration of good minerals - calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate - indispensable for preserving the body's daily water/salt balance.

In fact, its special mineralization has diuretic properties, making it particularly suitable for low sodium diets, an adjuvant in low calorie diets, useful for restoring the correct water/salt balance in athletes, while stimulating the digestive functions. The presence of a minimum quantity of nitrates (1.8 mg/l) testifies to its purity. Thanks to its delicate and pleasant taste, Dolomia is an excellent mineral water, a useful element in the daily diet

Dolomia oligomineral water springs from the rock of the eastern Dolomites, today UNESCO World Heritage site, in Val Cimoliana, at 833 metres asl, in the Dolomiti Friulane Park, in an enchanting place with breathtaking scenery of rare beauty and still uncontaminated nature. A protected area, of great geological interest, with a magnificent variety of flora and fauna.

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