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Corvina is an Italian red wine grape most famous as a key constituent of Valpolicella wines, along with Rondinella

. Its most commonly cited characteristic is its sour cherry flavor, as well as its lack of color and tannin – Corvina wines tend to be bright red and lighter in structure. The variety also lends itself well to the apassimento process of air-drying grapes, used to make the famous Amarone wine.
Corvina is widely planted in Italys northeastern corner, making DOC, DOCG and IGT wines. In Valpolicella, Bardolino and Amarone wines, Corvina makes up the bulk but not the whole: 100-percent Corvina wines must be made under the regional IGT title. As with the famed Super Tuscans, top producers have not let this put them off making prestigious, concentrated wines, and many top Corvina-based wines are labeled IGT. In blends, Corvinas high level of acidity and distinctive cherried, herbaceous flavors are essential to the character of the wine.
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