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Conti Zecca is one of the most important wineries in the southern Italian region of Puglia. Dating back to the year 1500, Conti Zecca’s noble founders settled in Salento purchasing large plots of land to launch an agricultural venture. In 1935, Count Alcibiade Zecca focused the family’s efforts on winemaking. Several years later, his son Count Giuseppe implemented new winemaking techniques in the vineyard and cellar, including bottling the wine for commercial sale. Today, the family’s next generation — Counts Alcibiade, Francesco, Luciano, and Mario — continue to produce quality wines through a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Donna Marzia is one of Conti Zecca’s four estates, named in honor of Countess Marzia Zecca, who took her own life on the estate after her noble family prohibited her from seeing the peasant man she loved. Planted entirely to native grape varieties using sustainable techniques, the resulting fruit is of the finest quality as the berries are carefully harvested at their peak. Advanced winemaking methods are implemented to used to create high-quality wines that accurately reflect the terroir. For more information about the estate, visit the winery here: http://contizecca.it/

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