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Colorino del Valdarno is a Red Italian black skinned wine grape variety planted primarily in Tuscany. The grape is known for its deep dark coloring and is used primarily as a coloring agent in red blends especially in Chianti Wines where its affinity and use to the governo winemaking technique. In the late 1980s, there was a surge of interest in the variety among Tuscan winemakers who saw this local grape variety as playing a similar role as Petit Verdot plays in Bordeaux blends. Colorino was planted and used to add darker colors and structure from phenolic compounds in the grape's thick skin without the overpowering aromatics that Cabernet Sauvignon could add.

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Appearing most prevalently in Toscana to provide balance in headstrong Sangiovese wines, Colorino is also cultivated in Umbria, Le Marche, Lazio and Liguria, however, it appears that Colorino might no longer be merely just a supporting grape.
Colorino Grapes

Colorino’s high tannins, earthy notes and palate of soft apples and berries have induced winemakers in recent years to begin experimenting more freely with this varietal to produce monovarietal wines which as expected are an intense dark red and full body, exhibit aromas of blueberries, plums and flowers, rich flavors of blueberry, fresh herbs and thorn bush, complimented by rich spicy tannins.