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In 2005 the Chessa family, with their authentic interpretation of the traditions and Sardinian wine-making heritage-thanks to experience acquired over the years-decided to embark on a new and important challenge. The wine became an “expression of a trademark”, the story of the patient effort of a firm which faces the future with enthusiasm and determination. Every wine is created in order to exhalt the unmistakable flavour of the grape varieties from Usini, absorbing the spirit of this land particularly suited to the cultivation of vines. Thanks to a meticulous search for quality, decisive and harmonious wines come to life. They provide a unique sensory experience which only the intense flavours and delicate aromas of grapes cultivated with wisdom and loving care can produce. Memories of tradition, hard work and passion accompany the philosophy of the Chessa Winery which, over time, has managed to gain vast approval.
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