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Cascina Morassino was founded in 1984 by Bianco Mauro. Roberto Bianco seems not to care about the endless discussion between tradition and modernity in Barbaresco and Barolo and his wines are a perfect synthesis of this approach. Soft, fruity, and round as a modern Nebbiolo and tannic, earthy and balsamic.
The company has an area of 3.5 hectares in Barbaresco, sub-area Ovello and 1 ha in the municipality of Neive for a total of 4.5 ha family-run. This allows us to have a careful, constant and personal care of vineyards and winery with the aim of creating a high quality artisan wine.

On top of the main hill facing Barbaresco, Ovello is one of the most important crus in the area. The classical blue marl soil gives the austere, earthy, and tannic structure is balanced by a ripe fruit due to the perfect exposure to the sun.
The vineyards are exposed on the south-east side of Barbaresco and on the west side of Neive, at an altitude of 270 m.s.l.m.
The cultivated vines are Nebbiolo (3.5 ha), Dolcetto (0.5 ha), Barbera (0.3 ha). The soil is of medium mixture tending to clayey.

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