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Casavecchia is an extremely rare red grape variety from Campania, southwest Italy. Local legend has it that a single, forgotten vine was discovered among the ruins of Pontelatone, from which cuttings were taken and used to graft new vines. The variety takes its name – which translates as old house – from this origin, and today Casavecchia is prized for its earthy, tannic red wines.
Casavecchia wines tend to be highly tannic, medium bodied and aromatic with aromas of dried herbs, black fruits, baker's chocolate and leather, with vegetal overtones.

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Casavecchia vines have low vigor and productivity, which is possibly the reason they have been forgotten for so long, only made into table wines by local farmers. However, a move toward quality has seen these traits become more highly prized, and Casavecchia has high levels of anthocyans which give the wines deep color and strong but supple tannins.
Casavecchia Grapes
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