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Casa d'Ambra
Casa d'Ambra was founded by Francesco D'Ambra, alias Don Ciccio. He was born in 1863 into a local wine producing family. He showed his interest in wine selling since a young age. At the turn of the century the island's wine was already known and much appreciated in the Naples marketplace. Business flourished; and he bought the old Villa Garavini and began producing enough to export. His sons Riccardo, Andrea and Corrado took over in 1952 which signaled the beginning of a new era: they first founded D'Ambra Vini d'Ischia Spa and then made it a model cellar by introducing some major technological changes. Great wines were produced from Biancolella, Forastera and Per'e Palummo grapes; new vineyards were purchased in Ischia's most renowned grape-producing areas to grow only local varieties; a new winery was built in Panza, one of the top wine-producing regions. In 1984 Mario D'Ambra became the sole owner of the company. Through hard work he managed to regain old markets and open new ones on a national and international level. Upon his death he was succeeded by his grandchildren Riccardo, Andrea and Corrado who introduced stricter criteria of grape variety selection in order to produce the finest wines. Since 2000 the enologist Andrea D'Ambra, the youngest of Mario's grandchildren, is the owner and manager of the winery: he is very proud to carry on the family tradition of winemaking that was started by his grand-grandfather Francesco in 1888 and is still alive after so many years.
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