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CarvineaCarvinea is situated in Puglia, Italy, among the beautiful scenery of the Alto Salento countryside near Carovigno. They looked to do something different from the rest of the producers in the area: to craft wines from vines that were not native to the area. With the help of Riccardo Cotarella, world renowned winemaker, they discovered how new vines could adapt in the Puglia climate and unique sea-influenced micro-terroirs. 11 acres of Montepulciano, Aglianico and Petit Verdot vines were planted and trained to only 400 vines per acre. Their production is small: only 35,000 bottles per year. For more information on Carvinea, please visit their website here.

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2011 Carvinea Metodo Classico Brut Rose 2011 Carvinea Metodo Classico Brut Rose
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2009 Carvinea Frauma 1.5 ml 2009 Carvinea Frauma 1.5 ml
Our Price: $179.99
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