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In the heart of Emilia-Romanga sits Ca' De' Medici, whose story parallels Lambrusco's evolution. The estate of Ca'De' Medici, since its origin in 1911, has been managed by the same family starting with founder Remigio Medici, and has been passed down from father in son as a part of the inheritance. The main focus of Ca' De' Medici is to continually invest in the quality, thanks to the constant scientific research regarding he best technologies of production and ensuring the selection of the very best grapes in the territories where the Lambrusco vineyards reign.

A generation ago, legions of mass-produced, sweetened-for-the-U.S.-market Lambrusco flowed all over America, ruining the reputation of the DOC until now. Today Lambrusco is enjoying an incredible rebirth amongst lovers of clean, fresh, dry, fruity character with a hint of bubbles.

The Ca' De’ Medici winery dates back to 1911 when it was founded by Remigio Medici, at the age of 48 years old with his young sons. In the beginning, he owned an “osteria” in Reggio Emilia which also commercialized bulk wine. The change from restaurant owner to winery operations was gradual overtime when his children were old enough to contribute to the business. At that time, Remigio sold the “osteria” and his land to acquire sufficient capital to develop a new winery. Following the success of Lambrusco "Val d'Enza", the winery expanded its selections, offering in addition to several varieties of wine Lambrusco.
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