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Bovale is a name attributed to two Italian wine grape varieties that are known more commonly by their Spanish names. The most widely planted is Bovale Grande (Carignan/Mazuelo) which has larger berries, while Bovale Sardo (Graciano) which has slightly smaller berries and tends to produce a more austere wine is found more rarely. Both are found on the island of Sardinia where they are used mainly for blending.
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Bovale Grande
Campidano di Terralba (or simply Terralba) is an Italian wine DOC of western Sardinia, introduced in November 1975 and covering red and rose wines made predominantly from Bovale (Spain's Bobal) grapes. Its catchment area covers the western half of the Medio Campidano province and the southern third of Oristano province, stretching from Gonnosfanadiga in the south to Palmas Arborea in the north and Villanovaforru in the east to Arbus in the west.

Bovale Sardo
The Terralba of the DOC title is a district immediately south of Arborea and approximately ten miles south of Oristano on Sardinia's west coast. Campidano di Terralba wines are made from 80% Bovale grapes, although the DOC production laws do not restrict whether this is Bovale Sardo or Bovale di Spagna (the local variant or Spanish Bobal in its original form). There is also a local, unofficial name for Bovale di Spagna: Bovale Grande. The remaining 20% of the wines may be made up with Pascale di Cagliari, Greco Nero (known locally as Greco Nieddu) or Monica, provided these varieties are already present within the Bovale vine rows and not blended in deliberately from other vineyards or blocks.