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Biancolella is a white Italian grape variety that produces dry white wines that are light, acidic, and fruit forward with a nutty finish.  It is used as a primary grape variety or blended with other white wine grapes.  Biancolella  can be found in its most authentic form in the DOC region of Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples in Italy's Campania region.  The grape does well in Ischias volcanic soils, high elevations and steeply slanted vineyards.
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Biancolella grown in the Island of Ischia’s Vineyards is grown on the slopes of Mount Epomeo, whose green and lush mountain vineyards are rich in mineral content due to their volcanic nature.
Biancolella Grapes

These factors contributes to the grapes rich floral aromas as well as their great acidity and mineral structure which makes Biancolella based Wines age fairly well. Biancolella wines are of a golden straw color with very pronounced aromas of white flowers hints of fresh herbs such as thyme, mint and oregano complimented by rich flavors of pineapple, grapefruit and a touch of persistent of salinity on the finish