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Decanter Magazine published an article on the most notable Italian winemaking consultants who have been flying under the radar. As a feature in the article, Paolo Vagaggini was praised for his creation of “an impressive number of some of the best hand-crafted Brunellos”. He was also noted for his mastery of Sangiovese and Sangiovese-based wine. Paolo Vagaggini and his wife, Bernadetta, and his son Jacobo established Amantis winery relatively recently and are quickly being noticed as a force with which to be reckoned in the Montecucco region of Tuscany. The entire line of Amantis wines is some of the best values in Italian wine right now. In Montalcino, it is said that Vagaggini knows Sangiovese like no one else!!
The producer of some of the most notorious Brunellos di Montalcino, Paolo Vagaggini prides himself on his natural approach to winemaking. "I try to bring out the maximum potential of the terroir, the grape, our winemaking philosophy, and the distinct character of the owner," says Vagaggini. Paolo works with over a third of vineyards in Montalcino as a winemaker and produces highly-respected and awarded Brunello.
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