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Vespolina is an Italian red wine grape used for blending with Nebbiolo and Croatina (Bonarda). The variety is primarily grown in Colline Novaresi and Gattinara, Piedmont, as well as Oltrepo Pavese, Lombardy. Vespolina is a low-yielding variety thought to be the offspring of Nebbiolo.

It has Nebbiolos spicy characteristics, although its tannins tend to be softer. As a result, Vespolina is used to help mellow youthful Nebbiolo-based wines and lift the blends aromatics with hints of wild flowers, mushrooms and green tea leaves. Only a handful of varietal Vespolina wines are produced.
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2010 Barbaglia Colline Novaresi Vespolina 2010 Barbaglia Colline Novaresi Vespolina DOC

Varietal: 100% Vespolina
Average yield: 80 q ha
Harvest: mid September
Ageing: 4 months in barrels
Indicative Alcohol: 12.5% vol
Color: bright red with purple hues
Bouquet: intense, characteristic, fruity with hints of spice.
Taste: harmonious, dry, with a hint of tannin
Pairings: main dishes, game, mature cheeses.

2009 Barbaglia Boca Vespolia Nebbiolo 2009 Barbaglia Boca DOC

Producer: Barbaglia
Vintage: 2009
Region: Piemonte
Varietals: Nebbiolo 70% Vespolina 30%
Color: Red

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