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Forastera is a white-wine grape widely planted in Campania, southern Italy. It is used in both blended and varietal wines, usually contributing aromas of stone fruit such as peach and apricot along with herby maquis, together with a distinctive almond flavor. Varietal Forastera wines are light and fresh and best drunk in their youth.

The islands of Procida and Ischia, just off the coast of Campania, are the main breeding grounds of the variety, and the Ischia DOC allows for varietal Forastera wines under the Ischia Forastera title. More often, however, the grape is blended with Biancolella, another Campanian variety found widely on Ischia. Forastera is also planted on the Italian island of Sardinia, although to a lesser extent.
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2015 Ischia bianco DOC 2015 Ischia bianco DOC Casa D'Ambra

Producer: Casa D Ambra
Vintage: 2013
Region: Campania
Sub-Region: Ischia DOC
Varietal: Biancolella and Forastera
Color: White

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